The Monkey And The Crocodile Story With Moral

The Monkey And The Crocodile Story With Moral

Friends, in this post I am sharing the story of the monkey and the crocodile. This story (the monkey and the crocodile) is an educative story for children, which teaches them to work with patience and understanding in times of adversity. This story of the monkey and the crocodile is an old story and has always been popular among children.

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The Monkey and the Crocodile Story with Moral

It was a long time ago. A river used to pass through a forest. There was a huge berries tree on the banks of that river. Sweet and juicy fruits were planted on that berries tree.

A monkey lived on that tree for a long time. The monkey used to eat a lot of berries and had a lot of fun. He was the only one spending the day in the fun on that berries tree.

A crocodile lived in the same river. One day that crocodile came near the tree on which the monkey lived.

The monkey sitting on the tree asked the crocodile,

‘Who are you, brother?’

The crocodile looked at the monkey and said, ‘I am a crocodile. I live in this river. I am roaming around in search of food. ‘

The monkey said, ‘There is no shortage of food here. A lot of berries are planted on this tree. Taste and see if you like it, I will give you more. Eat as much as you want and satisfy your hunger.’

Saying this, the monkey plucked the fruits of some berries and threw the crocodile.

The crocodile tasted them and said, ‘Wow, they are very sweet.’

Hearing this, the monkey dropped more fruits. The crocodile immediately licked them and said, ‘Tomorrow I will come again. Will you feed me these sweet fruits? ‘

The monkey said, ‘Why not? You are my guest, Come every day and eat as much as you want, there is no shortage of fruits on the tree. ‘

The crocodile departed, promising to come the next day. The next day it was morning but then came again. He ate a lot of sweet fruits and kept gossiping with the monkey.

The monkey also lived alone on the tree. He was also very happy to find a friend.

Now crocodiles started coming to eat fruits every day. Both crocodiles and monkeys used to eat fruit and chat for a long time.

One day, both of them were talking about their respective homes. The monkey said, ‘Crocodile brother, I am alone in the world and consider myself very lucky to find a friend like you.’

In response to the monkey, the crocodile said, ‘Brother, I am not alone. I have a wife in my house. We have a house across the river.

The monkey said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had a wife. I would also send fruits to your wife. ‘

The crocodile said, “I will take these sweet and juicy fruits for my wife with great passion.

When the crocodile started leaving, the monkey broke several ripe fruits for his wife.

The crocodile’s wife liked the sweet and juicy fruits of the berries. He asked the crocodile to bring juicy fruit like this daily.

The crocodile said he would try. Gradually the monkey and the crocodile formed a deep friendship. The crocodile would go to that tree daily to meet the monkey and eat the fruit. Used to eat fruit and would take it for his wife.

The crocodile’s wife loved to eat fruit but did not like her husband returning home late. She wanted to stop it.

One day he said, ‘I think you lie. Is there any friendship between crocodiles and monkeys? Crocodiles kill the monkey and eat it.

The crocodile said, ‘I am telling the truth. That monkey is very good. We both like each other a lot. If a monkey was not my friend then where would I have brought this fruit? I can’t climb the tree myself. ‘

The crocodile’s wife was very clever. He thought, ‘If that monkey eats such sweet fruits every day, then how sweet his heart will be. If he gets his heart to eat then how much fun it will be. ‘ Thinking he said to the crocodile,

‘One day you bring your friend home. I want to meet him. ‘

The crocodile said, ‘No, no, it can’t happen. He is an animal living on the ground. He will drown in water.

His wife said, ‘You ask him to come. Monkeys are very clever. He will take away any means to come here. ‘

The crocodile did not want to call the monkey. But his wife would ask him every day when the monkey would come. Crocodile used to make some excuse. As the days passed, the crocodile’s wife’s desire for monkey meat grew stronger.

Crocodile’s wife thought up an idea. One day he pretended to be sick and started shedding tears as if he was in a lot of pain. The crocodile was deeply saddened by his wife’s illness. He sat near her and said, “Tell me what should I do for you?”

The wife said, ‘I am very sick. When I asked the doctor, he told me that I cannot recover until I eat the monkey’s heart.

Monkey’s heart ‘crocodile asked in surprise.

The crocodile’s wife moaned, ‘Yes, the monkey’s heart. If you want me to be saved, bring a friend of your friend monkey and feed me. ‘

The crocodile said sadly, ‘How can I do this? He is a friend of mine. How can I kill him? ‘

The wife said, ‘Good thing. If your friend is more loving than you, then stay near him. You want me to die.

Crocodile got into trouble. He could not understand what to do. When the monkey brings a soul, his dear friend will be killed. If he does not bring his wife dies.

After thinking for a while, the crocodile decided that he would save his wife’s life, however, it may be.

Thinking this, he went to the monkey. The monkey was waiting for the crocodile.

Seeing the crocodile, the monkey asked, ‘Why is it so late today, friend? Is everyone efficient?

The crocodile said, ‘My wife and I fight. She says I am not your friend because I have not called you to my house. She wants to meet you He has said that I should take you with me. If you don’t walk then she will quarrel with me again. ‘

The monkey laughingly said, ‘It was just such a thing. I also wanted to meet my sister-in-law. But how can I walk in the water? I will drown.

The crocodile said, ‘Don’t worry about that. I will take you sitting on my back.

The monkey got ready. He immediately descended from the tree and jumped and rode on the back of the manager.

As soon as the crocodile reached the middle of the river, he dived into the water instead of going further.

This act of crocodile scared the monkey and said, ‘What are you doing, brother? If you take a dip, I will drown, because I do not know how to swim. ‘

But he said, “I will dive because I want to kill you.”

Hearing this, the monkey was in trouble. He said, “Why do brothers want to kill me?” what did I do to you?’

Magar said, ‘My wife is sick. The doctor has given him only one treatment. If she gets a monkey’s heart then she will survive. There are no other monkeys here. I will feed your wife to my wife.

At first, the monkey was shocked. Then he thought that only cunning could save his life.

He said, ‘My friend why didn’t you tell this thing earlier. I would have given happiness to my sister to save her sister-in-law. But I have left it on the tree. If you had already told me, I would have brought it along. ‘

‘this is the matter.’ The crocodile said.

Yes, come back soon. May your wife’s illness not aggravate.

But he started swimming back towards the tree and reached there very fast. On reaching the shore, the monkey jumped and climbed the tree. He laughed and said to the crocodile, ‘Go fool, return to your house. Tell your evil wife that you are the biggest fool in the world. No one can remove his heart and keep it separate.

Moral Of The Monkey And The Crocodile Story

Never cheat with friends and if you think with patience in times of distress, even the greatest difficulty can be overcome.

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The Monkey and The Crocodile Story

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