The Monkey And The Cap Seller Story With Moral

The Monkey And The Cap Seller Story With Moral

Friends, in this post I am sharing the story of the monkey and the cap seller. This story (monkey and the cap seller) is a moral story for children, which teaches them to work with sense and understanding at the time of adversity. This story of the monkey and the cap seller is an old story and has always been popular among children.

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The Monkey and The Cap Seller Story with Moral for Kids

It was long ago. There was a small village near a forest. A poor man lived in that village. He lived in a small hut with his entire family. He used to sell caps to live for himself and his family. He makes colourful hats himself and took those hats in a big basket and would go out of his house every morning and sell it in the neighbouring villages.

Once upon a time, he was selling caps in his neighbouring village and going to another village

The path used to go through the forest. It was afternoon, the sun was very strong. The cap seller was very tired. So he sat in the shade of a huge banyan tree to relax. And put aside a basket of colourful caps on one side.

He ate lunch and sat down on the tree. Being tired, he soon started sleeping. Therefore, he laid down his towel and lay down. In a short time, he also got sleep

A large group of monkeys lived on that huge banyan tree in the forest. Seeing colourful hats in the basket, they all came down from the tree and took off the caps and wore them.

Wearing new and colourful hats for the first time, they started jumping, which opened the sleep of the cap seller, sleeping under the tree.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that many monkeys on the banyan tree are jumping around wearing his caps.

When he saw the basket of his caps, he was completely shocked. Because the basket was empty. He got worried and started thinking about getting his caps back from monkeys.

Seeing the caps basket empty, when he was scratching his head in worry, he saw that the monkey is also scratching his head. Seeing this, the cap seller beats his head. Seeing this, the monkeys also started beating their heads.

What was it, Cap seller did not take time to understand what was happening? The monkeys were copying the cap-sellar due to their copycat tendency. The monkeys used to repeat what he did

Due to this tendency of the monkey, the hat-seller immediately thought of a solution and took off his cap and threw it in the basket

Seeing what was next, all the monkeys also took caps as per their habit and started throwing them in the basket.

When all the monkeys threw their caps and all the colourful caps were gathered in the basket, the cap-seller quickly picked up his basket and went on from there.

Moral of The Monkey And The Cap Seller

Learning – Every problem is solved with understanding.

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