The Honest Woodcutter: Short Moral Story in English

The Honest Woodcutter: Short Moral Story in English

Friends, in this post I am sharing The Honest Woodcutter Story. This story (the honest woodcutter) is a moral story for children, which teaches them to work with honesty and understanding in times of adversity. This story of the honest woodcutter is an old story and has always been popular among children.

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The Honest Woodcutter Story

It was a long time ago. There lived a poor woodcutter in a small village near a forest.

He used to cut dry woods from the forest and sell it in the market to complete his family’s expenses.

He used to get up every morning and take his axe and go to the forest near the village and cut wood. Till noon all the wood was collected and sold in the market. Some money was sold by selling wood, which led to the survival of him and his family.

Everything was going well. He was happily living his life with his meagre money.

Once a day, he reached the forest in the morning to cut wood. A river used to flow in the forest. There was a dry tree on the banks of that river. The poor woodcutter started cutting wood from the dry trees along the river.

When he was cutting wood, suddenly his axe fell from his hand and fell into the river.

The river was very deep and very fast water was running. The poor woodcutter couldn’t get the axe out of the river.

There was only one axe near the woodcutter, he got very upset when that axe fell into the river. He started worrying about how he would make his living. He had no other means to make a living for himself and his family.

He started crying and feeling sad. Standing on the river bank, he started praying to God to get his axe back to him somehow. He was crying very loudly.

Hearing the cries of the woodcutter and the prayer made with sincere heart, God appeared and asked the woodcutter, “Son! What is wrong with you, why are you crying? Tell me about your problem.”

The woodcutter told the whole thing about his axe falling into the river and pleaded with him to get his axe back.

Hearing the request of the woodcutter, God plunged into the river and immediately pulled it out with a gold axe. God asked the woodcutter, “Son! Is this your axe? ”

Seeing the golden axe, the woodcutter was surprised a little bit and said, “No God, this is not my axe.”

God again went underwater and this time the axe he took out was of silver.

He asked the woodcutter, “Son! Is this your axe? ”

The woodcutter said, “No, God, this is also not my axe.”

God said, “Look at it well. This axe may be yours. It is a silver axe.

The woodcutter said, “No, the axes of silver and gold do not cut wood.” It is of no use to me. My axe is of iron.”

Lord smiled at the honesty of the poor woodcutter and plunged into the water again. The axe they took out this time was of iron. Showing the axe to the woodcutter, God asked, “Son! Is this your axe? ”

Seeing the axe this time, the woodcutter was very happy and said, “God, this is my axe.” You brought my axe. Thanks a lot.”

The Lord was also very pleased to see the honesty of the woodcutter and said, “Son! I am very happy with your honesty. Therefore, with this iron axe, I also give you an axe of gold and silver. Take these three axes to your house happily.

Saying this, God disappeared. The woodcutter was honoured with such a big award because of his honesty.

Moral of The Honest Woodcutter Story

Moral: Honesty is the best policy. 

As friends, you saw that angel brought a silver axe to the woodcutter, but the woodcutter did not give up his integrity at all and he did not say that gold and silver axe at all that this axe is mine.

If there was a greedy person then he could call the gold axe his own. But the honest woodcutter did not do this at all. He was based on his integrity and so he said that this gold and silver axe is not mine.

And he accepted his iron axe only. And because of the integrity of the woodcutter, he was given the axe of gold and silver as a reward.

But maybe if he tries to keep a gold axe by lying then maybe the angel does not give him that gold axe at all.

Therefore, we learn from this story that there is nothing more in the world than honesty. If you will be honest, you can get more than you expected in life.

No matter how bad a situation is in your life, you have to stick to your honesty and you will get very good results.

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