The History of the Titanic Ship – How did the Titanic Ship Sink?

The History of the Titanic Ship – How did the Titanic Ship Sink?

Everyone remembers the Titanic film as soon as they hear the name Titanic. Any human in the world will know about the Titanic. The Titanic used to be a very large ship of its time.

When this magnificent ship was being built, the other two ships were also built along with it. But there was something else about this Titanic ship. This ship was a very big ship among all ships. Another special thing about the Titanic ship was that it was the fastest moving ship.

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But there is also the history behind why this ship became so famous. Some information about this ship is given below. So let’s know some important information about the Titanic ship.

 It has been more than 100 years since the horrific incident of the sinking of the Titanic ship, but it is still fresh in the minds of the people, whenever a ship is mentioned, the name Titanic is definitely taken. This Titanic ship built in Britain, one of the most powerful countries in the world, was the most luxurious and big ship of that era. Titanic left for its maiden voyage on 10 April 1912, and this proved to be it’s last. Let us tell you that the Titanic had to travel from Britain to New York (America) on its first journey. The root of the Titanic Ship was fixed. In this episode, Titanic left South Hampton, England, on April 10, 1912, towards New York. During this voyage, the Titanic ship was to stop at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown in Ireland. But on the fourth day of its journey, when the Titanic ship reached Newfoundland after travelling 600 kilometres, the ship crashed into a large iceberg (ice section) on the same day at 1140 minutes. The impact was so strong that the leaves of the hull of the ship hit starboard inside. And in this terrible accident, 5 of the ship’s 16 waterproof doors opened towards the sea. Water started coming inside the ship rapidly and in about 2 hours and 40 minutes, this ship completely sank.

More Than 1500 People Lost Their Lives Due to Sinking

The sinking of the Titanic ship had killed more than 1500 people. Let us tell you that there were a total of 2 thousand 222 people on the Titanic ship, of which 1314 passengers and 908 crew members. Out of which only the lives of 706 people could be saved, then only the bodies of 337 people could be found among those who died. The largest number of people who drowned in this ship were men. In fact, when lifeboats were being installed to save people’s lives, women and children were given first priority to follow the protocol. Lifeboats were the nearest to 1st class ticket takers, so about 60% of 1st class, 42% of 2nd class and only 25% of 3rd class could be saved alive. However, according to some myths and rumors, it is also said that the 3rd class passengers of the Titanic ship were also stopped to reach the lifeboats. Apart from this, out of the 9 dogs on the ship, 2 dogs were also saved.

So 1178 lives have been saved in the Titanic accident.

More than one and a half thousand people lost their lives due to the sinking of the Titanic ship. But if noted, 1178 people could have been saved in place of 706. Let us tell you that the Titanic ship was designed in such a way that 64 lifeboats could be carried, but only 20 lifeboats were carried, which was not enough to save about 2 thousand 222 people on the ship.

At the same time, according to an estimate, if the lifeboat was completely filled, about 1178 people could have been saved from drowning. At the same time, another reason for this was that some people did not fill the entire side of the lifeboat and only a few people were left empty due to this, fewer people could be saved.

The film “Titanic” was made in 1997 after the world’s largest ship sank. And almost 100 years after the sinking of the ship, the Titanic ship sinking was again shown in 3D in 2012.

Some rumours and myths related to the Titanic ship

“This ship can never sink” It was claimed by people about the Titanic ship that the White Star Line, the company that built the ship, had never said that it would sink. But Richter Howells of King’s College, London, called it the biggest myth about the Titanic.
Who’s Responsible for Titanic Sinking Captain Edward J. of Titanic Not much information is available about Smith, however, despite the mistake of ignoring Iceberg’s warning and not reducing the speed of the ship, he could be seen as a hero. Some experts consider the Captain’s image shown in the Titanic film to be incorrect. He said that he knew how many people are on board the Titanic ship, and how many lifeboats are there, but still, they did not know about the boats being completely filled and also let go. In addition, Captain Edward is also held guilty for not having previously given any notice of the Titanic being in danger to passengers. According to John Graves of the National Maritime Museum in London, no one knows where Captain Smith went missing on the night of the Titanic crash on April 14, 1912, that night of doom. A scene in the famous film Titanic depicts a band playing a prayer to maintain the morale of the passengers when the ship sinks. Along with this, it has also been shown that seven musicians of this band were killed in the accident. At the same time, no one was aware of what was the last song of this band.

Misinformation Spread Against the Owner of the Company Making Titanic

There are also a lot of false rumours and false news about J.Bruce, the owner of the company making Titanic. It is said of Jay Bruce that he used lifeboats to save his life before saving women, children and crew members. While some people point out the allegations behind the company, the old rivalry of the American newspaper owner William Randolph Hearst.

Myths Related to Stopping 3rd Class Passengers:

According to a scene in the film, the ship’s third-class passengers are prevented from reaching the lifeboat when the lifeboat was being used to rescue passengers while the Titanic was sinking. While in fact, no historical evidence is available of this. However, this cannot be denied under the US immigration law and to prevent infectious diseases, third-class passengers on the Titanic ship were kept separate from other passengers.

Let me tell you that most of the passengers in the Titanic ship’s third class were from Russia, China, Britain, Syria and Italy, who were going to America in search of a better life.

1. The Titanic ship was the largest and most fully equipped ship of that era, which was completed in about 2 years, and 2 months. A team of about 3000 people started making it. 2. During its construction, 2 people lost their lives, and then about 246 people were seriously injured. The ship was fully completed on May 31, 1911. 3. About 63 thousand litres of drinking water, 40 tons of potatoes, 1590 kg of onions, 40 thousand eggs, etc. were used in the Titanic ship. 4. The Titanic is the only ship in the world that sank by hitting an iceberg. At the same time, when Titanburg’s officers saw Iceberg, they had 37 seconds left to react. 5. The ship was also diverted to the left as soon as the iceberg was seen, but this action was not enough to avoid the iceberg. On the other hand, if information about it was received 30 seconds ago, Titanic could have been saved. 6. On September 1, 1985, nearly 73 years after the ship sank, the Titanic debris was discovered. 7. The sinking of the Titanic, the world’s largest ship, dealt a severe blow to England’s economy. Because the wealthiest people travelling in it were from England. 8. The water temperature at the place where the Titanic was submerged was about -2 degrees Celsius, in which no human being can live more than 15 minutes. 9. While it cost $ 7.5 million to build the Titanic ship, about $ 200 million was spent to build the Titanic film, which was much higher than the cost of building the ship. At the same time, the film Titanic won 11 Oscars.

10. The painful event of the sinking of the Titanic ship will always be in the minds of the people. It is the second-largest ship in the world.

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