The Crow And The Fox Story: Moral Short Story For Kids With Images

The Crow And The Fox Story: Moral Short Story For Kids With Images

Hello children, in this article I am going to tell you a very interesting and moral short story “The crow and the fox”. This is the story of a crow and a fox.

The Crow And The Fox Story

The Crow And The Fox Story For Kids
A clever fox lived in a forest. One day she was wandering in the jungle in search of food. But even after wandering throughout the day, he did not get food. She got tired and sat down under a tree to relax.

A crow came down on the tree in front of the tree under which she was feeling lethargic. The crow had brought a piece of cheese from somewhere to press into its beak.

When the fox saw the crow, his gaze stopped on the piece of cheese.

Seeing a piece of cheese, the fox got watery. His hunger doubled. She started thinking that if I get a piece of this cheese, then enjoy it. But that piece of cheese was buried in the crow’s beak. While sitting there, the fox started racing his mind, so that somehow he could get that piece of cheese.

In a while, a solution came to his mind. As soon as the remedy came to mind, she reached under the tree where the crow was sitting. 

Turning up, she said while tying the bridge of the crow’s praises, “Crows brother! You look so beautiful You know that you are the most beautiful bird in the world. Nobody is like you.”

The Crow and the Fox Story for kids
Hearing his praises, the crow did not budge with joy. But he remained silent. The fox did not allow any reduction in his efforts. She continued to talk big in praise of the crow. Gradually the crow started coming into the fox. But still, he was silent.

Then the fox threw his last bet and said, “Crows brother! What to say about your voice? She is very melodious. May I have the good fortune to hear your song.”

Listening to his voice, he could not keep up with the crow. He started swinging happily.

The fox again said, “Once in your sweet voice sing the song, Crows brothers. For so long I have been standing here waiting for your song.”

It was to be heard that the crow forgot that he had a piece of cheese in his mouth and his desire to collect praise from the fox to sing the song. He opened his mouth to sing the song. What was then? As soon as his mouth opened, the piece of cheese fell down.

The fox was looking at this.

He quickly grabbed that piece of cheese and started moving from there.

The crow kept on watching.

Stay away from sycophants.

This story gives the message that we should avoid our false praise. Many times we find many people who falsely praise us for taking away their work and take out their work. After the work is over, we do not even ask.

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