Sign of genius person | 10 unexpected signs you might be a genius (approved by science)

Sign of genius person | 10 unexpected signs you might be a genius (approved by science)

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I will tell you about some behaviors and habits that are in you, so scientifically you are genius. And see, let me already speak, do not take these signals in joke because scientists have come to know about it after hundreds of years of research! So the information that I am giving you is scientific and useful. Read this article from beginning to end and then in the end you will know whether you are a genius or not. You should keep matching the things that I will tell you to see if all those traits are present in you or not. Then you might come to know that you are not a normal person but a genius.

Sign of genius 

The mind of genius always wants to do something or the other. So if you have a habit of waking up late at night more than other people, then congrats ! you have come inside a step in the list of genius. Genius awakens at night because he is hungry for knowledge and information. At night, perhaps they will gain information through the internet or they will start reading books and sleep late. If you are a genius, your brain will always want to do something or the other. Most geniuses suffer from insomnia.    Insomnia means sleeplessness disease. You will find proof of this in history. The great scientist “Nikola Tesla“, because of which electricity is coming to your house today, he used to sleep only for one and a half to 2 hours. There are many such examples. Believe it or not, scientist research has found that genius people are more lazy than ordinary people. This does not mean that you get lazy. But it has been found in research. It also has a scientific explanation. Your brain gets 20% of the energy that your body gets by eating food. When genius is doing his work, his brain is using more energy, because his brain is more intelligent. Due to this, his brain gets tired quickly and so they become a bit lazy. And one thing genius always tries to do some work in shortcut. Due to this laziness we have become so technologically advanced. The lazy genius invented the remote, so that he did not have to get up to turn on the TV. See If we have some addiction, it is due to a chemical that we call dopamine and those who are genius have a faster brain than others, their dopamine sensitivity is high. Meaning their mind always wants to remain high and because of this they have addiction to something or the other. As a example ; computer games addiction, mobile phone addiction or any other addiction. I do not know whether I am genius or not, but I have the same addiction to writing helpful articles and making videos. Being less social, having difficulty in interacting with people, these are all native things, but they are mostly found in people whose brain is complex and intelligent. His thinking is complex and therefore he does not like to live in society. Their interest and hobbies are different from the members of the rest of the society. They are quite different from others. This is because their mind set is different. They always wants to do something different from others. Not one or two, thousands of studies have shown that intelligent people are less social.
If you always feel like exploring different places then congrats ! The mind of genius will always want to explore things. Genius loves to roam around in new places. There is one thing that we call “novelty“. Novelty means seeing something new. So the genius has more desire to get this novelty. They like to see new things more than normal people. Smart phones and computers are a good source of novelty. In this website you get to know something new in every second. So if you are regular on this website and if you want to gain knowledge, then you are different from others.
If your mind has a habit of thinking before sleeping then congrats again, welcome to genius group. What happened today all day, what is going to happen tomorrow, if you think all these things before going to sleep, then it indicates genius mind. Since your mind is smart, it makes you think that whatever happens next day can be dealt with well. Those who are normal people do not think much. But the activity in the brain of genius is always high and they look at things very deeply.
A genius is always curious. Curiosity means a desire to know things. Normal people have normal curiosity but those who are more intelligent than average have very high curiosity. If you are eager to know something, then it is a trait of genius. If you want to know more than others, it means that the density of your brain neurone is very high. And that’s why you want to know everything.
Genius likes to talk to himself. Talking to yourself is a very special thing that not everyone does. If you are a genius, then you will see things in depth and think. And during this you will also talk to yourself in between. You would know that only 8% of the world’s seven hundred crore population has blue eyes. In many universities, it has been found that people who have blue eyes are more political thinkers.
If there is a bright crescent sign in your right thumb, then your intelligency is very high. The deeper it is, the more logical you are. It is a fact that very few people have this. Just like blue eyes occur in very few people in the world. But this sign is found more within the people of eastern country like India, Pakistan, Nepal.

Of all these things, which trait is present in you, definitely share in the comment. I want you to comment on the trait you have inside. If you liked this article, then share it further. Thank you for reading the full article.

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