50 Awesome And Unknown Facts About Japan | facts about japan

50 Awesome And Unknown Facts About Japan | facts about japan

Japan facts / Japan has been in the forefront of science since last few decades. Japan is one of the leading countries in the fields of scientific research, especially technology, machinery and biomedical research. But you will be surprised to know some interesting and fun facts about Japan. Generally, where sleeping in office is considered very wrong. At the same time, there is a contrary belief in Japan. This is the lifestyle of the Japanese. 

It is said that if a staff in the office suddenly starts sleeping then it is believed that there is a lot of work on it. His image in front of the boss becomes good rather than bad. Because of this, many times people even deliberately pretend to do so. This peculiar trend of Japan is discussed all over the world. So let’s know 50 such amazing facts related to Japan today.

1). Most people are educated in Japan. Where the literacy rate is 100%. Where newspapers and news channels like India do not publish news on accident, politics, debate, film issues etc. Here only modern information and necessary news is published in newspapers.

2). Japan is the 10th largest country in the world by population. And 62nd by area.

3). Japan has 90% “Mobile WaterProof” because these people use the phone even while taking a bath.

4). Baseball is the most famous sport in Japan. Apart from this, “Sumo” is also the most popular game in Japan.

5). Japan Boast is the oldest company in the world which operated between 578 AD to 2006.

6). The tradition of shaving Japanese people is considered a sign of violation of the rules and respect of someone.

7). Classroom cleaning in Japan is done by both the class teacher and the children together.

8). “Geisha” in Japan means “persons of art”. Many people do not know that the first Geisha was the man.

9). Bus drivers in Japan turn their vehicles off at a red light due to pollution.

10). In Japan, people are very fond of eating dishes called Bashashi. This dish is made from horse meat. Some people also eat this horse meat raw.

11). Because of excessive internal breeding, Japan has the highest dog defect rate.

12). Since 1949, Japan has earned a total of 19 Nobel Prize.

13). The 6800 islands in Japan are black.

14). Japan is the largest producer of animated TV shows, earning around 60% market share worldwide.

15). In Japan you will find vending machines to distribute beer, nodal.

16). Rice is included in most mines in Japan.

17). Very few people are immigrants in Japan, because 98% of the total population here is Japanese.

18). Tearing the wrapping of any gift is considered rude in Japan.

19). Many people in Japan take towels with them to wipe sweat.

20). A sad fact about Japan is that Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world.

21). Japani people also use the same water for bathing.

22). Many Japanese roads have no names.

23). In Japan, eating and walking away is considered a sign of rudeness.

24). If you feel sick for a while in Japan, you will have to wear a mask so that the infection does not spread.

25). There is only 2 evidence of gun-related murders every year in Japan.

26). The number of domesticated animals in Japan is more than the total number of children in Japan’s population.

27). It is also a surprise that more adult diapers are sold here than children’s diapers.

28). There is a highway in Japan that passes through a building.

29). In Japan, more paper than toilet paper is produced for printing comics. 20% of the books published in Japan are Comic Books.

30). Children do not have to take any test exam until they are 10 years old in Japan.

31). On 1 January in Japan, New Year is welcomed by ringing 108 bells in the temple.

32). In Japan, you also get to drink the milk of fresh women’s breasts at the breastfeeding bar. You can also drink them directly with nipple.

33). In Japan, police often move with colored balls to kill a motorist who runs away. This makes them easily identify the culprit.

34). Despite Japan being surrounded by seas from all four sides, 27 percent of the fish are imported from other countries.

35). There is also a traditional suicide spot in the Okigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji.

36). The high storey in Japan helps you indicate where to take off your shoes and slippers.

37). Japanese is very sure of the time, even trains are delayed by at most 18 seconds.

38). Japan does not have any kind of natural resources and they also suffer hundreds of earthquakes every year, but even then Japan is the second largest economic power in the world.

39). Squid is Japan’s most famous pizza topping.

40). According to the Japanese people, black cats are lucky for them.

41). Another interesting fact about Japan is also that there is a holy temple here, which is rebuilt after every 20 years.

42). The life expectancy of Japan is 84 years on average. This is four years more than the United States. There are 50,000 people over the age of 100 in Japan.

43). Japanese have more than 20 ways to say “sorry”.

44). The earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 was the fastest earthquake to date. The Earth’s “rotation speed” was increased by 1.8 microseconds by this earthquake.

45). According to a report, the trend of living by isolating oneself in Japan has increased significantly. In this practice, many youth limit themselves to a particular place, house or room. The number of such people is said to be from 7 lakh to 10 lakh. These youths end contact with the outside world. It is called Hikikomori.

46). Fugue fish found in Japan is very poisonous. The chef has to train for 11 years to cook it.

47). In America where giving tip is quite common. At the same time, the front can be very uncomfortable when giving a tip in Japan. In Japan, waiters, drivers or other workers generally do not like to tip. On receiving the tip, they also complain to their seniors. Many times, the waiter also turns back on the tip of the tourist.

48). In many places it is considered bad to not have the right size teeth and people try to get a better shape. But Japan has seen a different trend in the last few years. The youth here are trying to get their teeth different from normal. Many youngsters get her Imperfect shape done for cosmetic surgery of the teeth.

49). Japan is the only country in the world to be attacked by “nuclear bombs”. As you know, on 6 and 9 August 1945, the US threw bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These bombs were named little-boy and Fat-man.

50). Japan has better labor law than other countries. Therefore no company can easily exclude its staff. Instead they have to pay huge amount. But some companies have broken it so that the staff it wants to remove is given boring work. Like sitting in front of the TV screen all day. This type of work is referred to the banishment room.

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