100+ Profit and Loss Questions and Answers with formula

100+ Profit and Loss Questions and Answers with formula

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to share 100+ aptitude questions and answers on profit and loss. These Questions on profit and loss are based on important definitions and their applications. These profit and loss questions are very important for any type of competitive exam. Let’s see all the MCQs questions on profit and loss.


Basic Definitions and Formulas for Profit and Loss Questions

Before you read all questions on profit and loss, read and note some important formulas on profit and loss, which will help you to solve these profit and loss questions.

Cost Price – The price at which an article is purchased is called the cost price (CP) of the article.

Selling Price – The price at which an article is sold is called the selling price (SP) of the article.

Important Formula

Gain or Profit = SP – CP

Similarly, Loss = CP – SP

Gain per cent or Profit per cent = (Gain / CP * 100) or (Profit / CP * 100)

Loss per cent = (Loss / CP * 100)

SP = ((100 + Profit%)/100)*CP

SP = ((100 + Loss%)/100)*CP

Market Price or List Price: Price that is indicated or marked on the article (MP)

Discount: It is a reduction given on the marked price or the list price of an article.

Discount Percent = (100 * Discount) / MP

Selling Price = ((100 – Discount %) / 100 ) * MP

Extra Punch:
  • The Profit and Loss per cent are always calculated on the cost price.
  • If a trader professes to sell his goods at CP but uses false weight, then Gain per cent or profit per cent = (Error / False weight ) * 100 %


Aptitude Problems on Profit and Loss MCQs Questions with Answers


Most important Questions on profit and loss with answers – 1 to 25

Q 1. Find the selling price of the shirt when Karan bought a shirt for Rs. 490 and sold it to Ram at a loss of 5%.

(A) Rs 891(B) Rs 455(C) Rs 465.50

(D) Rs 477

Answer – (C) 465.50

Q 2. Keshav buys some fruits at the price of Rs. X per dozen and sells at (x / 8) price per item, then what will be the profit percentage of Keshav?

(A) 39%(B) 40%(C) 50%

(D) 61%

Answer – (C) 50%

Q 3. Nitin Rs 20 I bought 21 bananas for Rs 21. If he sells at a price of 20, what will be the% profit or loss to Nitin?

(A) 42%(B) 43%(C) 44%

(D) 45%

Answer – (A) 42%

Q 4. Ramlal bought 13 kg of rice for Rs. 1235. Of this, Ramlal sold 5 kg of rice to Shyamlal at the rate of Rs 55 per kg, then at what rate would, Ramlal have to sell the remaining rice to make a profit of Rs 35?

(A) Rs 45 per kg(B) Rs 91 per kg(C) Rs 80 per kg

(D) Rs 70 per kg

Answer – (A) Rs. 45 per kg

Q 5. Shivani buys clothes for her younger sister for Rs 400 but if the clothes are small she has to sell them for Rs 360, then what will be the loss percentage of Shivani?

(A) 20%(B) 22%(C) 18%

(D) 9%

Answer – (A) 20%

Q 6. Raju 16 I bought 9 oranges for Rs. 20 If I sell it at 11, then what percentage of loss or profit will Raju make?

(A) 2.1%(B) 2.2%(C) 5.5%

(D) 2.28%

Answer – (D) 2.28%

Q 7. Ram Suman bought a bike and four-wheeler for business for Rs 20000. He sold the bike at 20% profit and the four-wheeler at a 10% loss. In this way, he gained 2% of the total transaction. So what is the purchase price of the bike?

(A) Rs 5500(B) Rs 7700(C) Rs 8000

(D) Rs 10,000

Answer – (C) Rs. 8000

Q 8. In Ramnagar, a moneylender claims to sell an item at the purchase price but weighs 1920 grams instead of 2 kilograms, so how much profit will he make?

(A) 4.17%(B) 4.19%(C) 4.22%

(D) 4.55%

Answer – (A) 4.17%

Q 9. Rahul sold his bike at a loss of 25% for Rs 6750. If Rahul sells the bike at 15% profit then what is the selling price of the bike?

(A) Rs 10930(B) Rs 9550(C) Rs 10350

(D) Rs 11390

Answer – (C) Rs 10350

Q 10. Manoj buys a ball for Rs. 120 but when selling it reduces the price of the ball to Rs. 150, what will be his profit percentage?

(A) 30%(B) 53%(C) 25%

(D) 28%

Answer – (C) 25%

Q 11. A money lender in the countryside sells rice from the government quota with a profit of 10% dishonestly but if the weed that he uses is 20% less then what percentage will the unscrupulous moneylender gain?

(A) 37.5%(B) 40%(C) 40.5%

(D) 37%

Answer – (A) 37.5%

Q 12. By selling a bat for Rs 1754, Keshav gets the same profit as by selling it for Rs 1492. Find the cost price of the item?

(A) Rs 1623(B) Rs 1533(C) Rs 1682

(D) Rs 1579

Answer – (A) Rs 1623

Q 13. Ram sells a bicycle to Shyam for Rs. 1034 and if Ram gains 10% by selling it, find the purchase price of the bicycle?

(A) Rs 960(B) Rs 940(C) Rs 900

(D) Rs 950

Answer – (B) Rs. 940

Q 14. A fruit seller buys 6 bananas for Rs 25 and then sells 3 bananas for Rs 20. So what is the profit percentage of that fruit seller?

(A) 49%(B) 50%(C) 60%

(D) 70%

Answer – (C) 60%

Q 15. Suman buys a doll for Rs 25 and after a few days sells it to Madhu for Rs 30, what percentage of profit did she make?

(A) 20%(B) 30%(C) 31%

(D) 21%

Answer – (A) 20%

Q 16. 62 per cent of the students pass Hindi in the current examination, while 44 per cent of the students pass in English. If 36 students pass both the subjects then the total marks will be

(A) 700(B) 600(C) 650

(D) 720

Answer – (B) 600

Q 17. A cloth seller makes a profit of Rs 10 per meter and sells 145 meters of cloth for Rs 12325. What is the cost price of a one-meter cloth?

(A) Rs 65(B) Rs 75(C) Rs 95

(D) Rs 85

Answer – (B) Rs 75

Q 18. A shopkeeper has to lose 20% by selling 12 hats for Rs. 1 to earn 20% profit. How many hats will he have to sell for Rs. 1?

(A) 8(B) 7(C) 9

(D) 6

Answer – (A) 8

Q 19. When Rohan sells his bike for Rs 18450, he loses 50%. At what price would he have to sell his bike to get a profit of 50%?

(A) Rs 13855(B) Rs. 52555(C) Rs. 55350

(D) Rs 56766

Answer – (C) 55350

Q 20. A person buys pencils at the rate of 12 rupees for 10 rupees and sells them at the rate of 10 rupees 10, what is his profit percentage?

(A) 44%(B) 45%(C) 46%

(D) 47%

Answer – (A) 44%

Q 21. The selling price of a book is Rs. 96. is. If its purchase price and profit percentage are equal, find the purchase price of that book?

(A) Rs 60(B) Rs 70(C) Rs 56

(D) Rs 68

Answer – (A) Rs. 60

Q 22. Kishan sells a cheeseburger for Rs 100 and a burger costs Rs 20. What is his profit percentage?

(A) 22%(B) 25%(C) 22.5%

(D) 26%

Answer – (B) 25%

Q 23. If an item is sold at a profit of 20% for Rs. 240 if it is sold at a profit of 30%, what will be its selling price?

(A) Rs 220(B) Rs 230(C) Rs 240

(D) Rs 260

Answer – (D) Rs. 260

Q 24. A sonar gains 190% of the purchase price on his gold jewellery. If the purchase price of gold increases by 10% but the selling price of gold remains the same, then what is the (approximately) per cent of the selling price?

(A) 55%(B) 62%(C) 70%

(D) 63%

Answer – (B) 62

Q 25. A shopkeeper sells rice with 10% profit and the weight of the scales he uses is 20% less than his percentage profit.

(A) 37.5%(B) 62.5%(C) 40.5%

(D) 63.5%

Answer – (A) 37.5%


Quantitative Questions on profit and loss with answers – 26 to 50

Q 26. Price of 360 rupees to a saree. He makes a loss of 10 per cent on selling. If she wants to earn 20 per cent profit then how much will that saree cost? Will I have to sell?

(A) Rs 400(B) Rs 450(C) Rs 460

(D) Rs 480

Answer – (D) 480

Q 27. The shopkeeper loses 25% if an item is saved for Rs 69.60. What is the cost price of this item?

(A) Rs 92.80(B) Rs 52.50(C) Rs 86

(D) Rs 86.40

Answer – (A) Rs 92.80

Q 28. A person sold 20 items for Rs. 60 with a profit of 20%. How many items did he buy for Rs. 60?

(A) Rs 22(B) Rs 24(C) Rs 25

(D) Rs 26

Answer – (B) Rs 24

Q 29. A trader sells an item at a profit of 20%. If he buys that item at 60% less price and Rs. 90. If you sell for less then it makes 50% profit. How much is the purchase price?

(A) Rs 150(B) Rs 200(C) Rs 250

(D) Rs 300

Answer – (A) 150

Q 30. Nitin sells an item to Ramesh with a profit of 20% and Ramesh sells the same item again with 25% profit to Suresh. If Suresh had to pay Rs. 1500, how much money did Nitin pay for it? Was it?

(A) Rs 1000(B) Rs 1500(C) Rs 2000

(D) Rs 2500

Q 31. If the ratio of the purchase price and selling price of two books is 25:29 respectively, then find the profit percentage?

(A) 7%(B) 8%(C) 16%

(D) 17%

Answer – (C) 16%

Q 32. The shopkeeper loses 25% on selling a football for Rs 720. For how much money did he sell this football so that he got 25 per cent profit?

(A) Rs 1200(B) Rs 1300(C) Rs 14000

(D) Rs 1500

Answer – (A) 1200

Q 33. The profit on selling an article for Rs. 240 is as much as the loss on selling it for Rs. 160, then what will be the purchase price of that item?

(A) Rs 199(B) Rs 200(C) Rs 210

(D) Rs 220

Answer – (B) Rs. 200

Q 34. A cloth merchant sells two sarees at the rate of Rs 400 per saree. If she gains 15% on one sari and a loss of 15% on the other, what will be the value of the loss?

(A) 18.41(B) 19.14(C) 20.25

(D) 21.36

Answer – (A) 18.41

Q 35. Sumit sold two of his bats at the rate of Rs. 525 per bat. On one bat he got a profit of 10% and on the other, he got a loss of 15%. What percentage of profit or loss did he make?

(A) 4.11%(B) 4.20%(C) 4.21%

(D) 4.31%

Answer – (A) 4.11%

Q 36. If a shopkeeper claims to sell his goods without profit but uses 800 grams of watts at 1000 grams place, then what per cent profit will be made?

(A) 23%(B) 24%(C) 25%

(D) 26%

Answer – (C) 25%

Q 37. If Ram sold his bicycle to Shyam for 25% profit and Shyam sold it to Ramesh at 20% profit, Ramesh sold the same cycle to Suresh for 10% profit, if Suresh bought it for Rs 330. So how much will Rama buy that cycle?

(A) Rs 200(B) Rs 210(C) Rs. 275

(D) Rs 280

Answer – (A) 200 rupees

Q 38. If Sohan bought an ink pen for Rs. 90, then for how many rupees would he sell that ink pen to get a profit of 10%?

(A) Rs 102(B) Rs 103(C) Rs 109

(D) Rs 110

Answer – (C) Rs 109

Q 39. The purchase price of 120 items is equal to the selling price of x items. If there is a gain of 40 per cent, then what is the value of x?

(A) 55(B) 70(C) 100

(D) 105

Answer – (C) 100

Q 40. Ragini gets 45 per cent marks in an exam and 54 marks more than the marks required to pass and Rajan gets 30 per cent marks in the same exam and fails by 36 marks. So how many marks are required to pass that exam?

(A) 216 marks(B) 295 marks(C) 214 marks

(D) 290 marks

Answer – (A) 216 marks

Q 41. Nitin bought a bike for Rs. 250000 and sold it for Rs. 348000, then what per cent profit did Nitin get on the bike?

(A) 38%(B) 39.2%(C) 38.4%

(D) 39%

Answer – (B) 39.2%

Q 42. Sunil bought a school bag for Rs. 1400 and sold it to Mahesh after taking a 15% loss, then find the selling price of the bag?

(A) Rs 1150(B) Rs 1190(C) Rs 1250

(D) Rs 1300

Answer – (B) Rs. 1190

Q 43. A watch, which costs Rs 250. 300, Rs. Of what percentage of the total profit was given?

(A) 25%(B) 21%(C) 20%

(D) 15%

Answer – (C) 20%

Q 44. Sohan batches a plot at a loss of 15% for Rs. 255000. At what price should he sell this plot to earn 10% profit?

(A) 333000(B) 330000(C) 333300

(D) 340000

Answer – (B) 330000

Q 45. A item is of Rs 800? The loss in selling this item is Rs. 1000. 50% of the profit made from the remaining is less. So the purchase price of the item?

(A) 850(B) 875(C) 865

(D) 855

Answer – (C) 875

Q 46. A vegetable vendor sold Rs. Buy limes at the rate of K8 and Rs. 3. Sold at the rate of 5, then what percentage of profit did he make?

(A) 70%(B) 55%(C) 60%

(D) 40%

Answer – (C) 60%

Q 47. The ratio of the purchase price and selling price of a commodity is 13: 9. If Rs 320 on the item. Is a loss, then how much is the sum of the buying and selling prices?

(A) 1760(B) 1780(C) 1860

(D) 1280

Answer – (A) 1760

Q 48. A person sells a table at a profit of 10%. If he buys the table at 5% less than his purchase price and Rs. 80. Had he sold for more, he would have made a profit of 20%. What is the cost price of the table?

(A) 1200(B) 1800(C) 1500

(D) 2000

Answer – (D) 2000

Q 49. A trader sells two bulls, each for Rs. 8400 and earns neither profit nor loss on it. Accordingly, if he sold one of them at a profit of 20%, the other would have sold at a considerable loss –

(A) 17 2/7%(B) 14%(C) 12%

(D) 15%

Answer – (A) 17 2/7%

Q 50. A shopkeeper sells his uniform at a 40% profit rate and uses 40% less weight than the actual measurement. His profit% =?

(A) 132⅓%(B) 133⅓%(C) 140%

(D) 150%

Answer – (B) 133 ⅓%


Quantitative Problems on profit and loss with answers – 21 to 75

Q 51. By using wrong weights, a shopkeeper earns 10% profit while buying and 10% profit while selling, then his percentage profit will increase significantly.

(A) 13%(B) 21%(C) 10%

(D) 11%

Answer – (B) 21%

Q 52. If the purchase price: wiki value = 4: 5, then the profit or loss will be%.

(A) 25 benefits(B) 11 loss(C) 12 benefits

(D) 10 benefits

Answer – (A) 25% profit

Q 53. Kumar sells an article for 21 rupees, causing him to lose the same percentage as he bought the item, then the purchase price of the item will be

(A) 30 or 60(B) 30 or 70(C) 20 or 80

(D) 10 or 70

Answer – (B) 30 or 70

Q 54. A person sells 300 mangoes, at a cost price of 400 mangoes. The percentage of his profit is-

(A) 22%(B) 26%(C) 25%

(D) 22%

Answer – (C) 25%

Q 55. A sells a watch to B at a profit of 20%. B sells it to C at a profit of 30%. C sells it to D at a loss of 10%. If B’s ​​profit is 80 rupees more than A’s, then how much does D buy it?

(A) 702(B) 802(C) 740

(D) 520

Answer – (A) 702

Q 56. The profit earned by selling an article for 123.40 is 20% more than the loss made by selling it for Rs. 108. If the item was sold for 120.75, find the profit / loss percentage.

(A) 5% loss(B) 5% profit(C) 6% profit

(D) 7% loss

Answer – (B) 5% profit

Q 57. Remi makes a profit of 20% by selling an item at a fixed fixed price. If she had sold the item for 8 rupees and more, she would have gained 30%. Find the basic cost price of 16 items only.

(A) 1270(B) 1280(C) 1380

(D) 1200

Answer – (B) 1280

Q 58. Sashi sells two items at the rate of Rs. 5000, there is neither loss nor profit in the entire transaction. If one item was sold at a loss of 162/3%, then at what percent profit was the other item sold?

(A) 25%(B) 80%(C) 74%

(D) 52%

Answer – (A) 25%

Q 59. The face value of an article is 40% more than its purchase price. If its selling price is 731/2% of face value, then find the profit percentage-

(A) 2.5%(B) 2.9%(C) 2.6%

(D) 3.7%

Answer – (B) 2.9%

Q 60. A sells a watch to B at a profit of 20%. B sells it to C at a profit of 8%. C sells it to D at a loss of 25%. If the profit difference between A and B is Rs 260, then D buys it for,

(A) 2270(B) 2430(C) 1380

(D) 3200

Answer – (B) 2430

Q 61. If an item is bought for 500 and sold for 600, find the profit percentage in this transaction.

(A) 20%(B) 40%(C) 25%

(D) 30%

Answer – (A) 20%

Q 62. The cost of making a chair is Rs 180 and it is sold for Rs 216. Find the profit percentage-

(A) 21%(B) 20%(C) 25%

(D) 22%

Answer – (B) 20%

Q 63. Sonu gets a profit of 24% on selling an item at 3100. What was the cost price of this item?

(A) 2700(B) 2650(C) 2450

(D) 2500

Answer – (D) 2500

Q 64. There is a 4% profit on selling an article for Rs. 78, if the same item is sold for Rs. 60, what will be the loss percentage?

(A) 25(B) 24(C) 22.5

(D) 20

Answer – (D) 20

Q 65. An item is sold for 300% at a profit of 20%, if it is sold at 235, what will be the loss percentage?

(A) 16%(B) 3%(C) 5%

(D) 6%

Answer – (D) 6%

Q 66. I bought a picture for Rs 225. After spending 15 rupees in his decoration, I sold him for 300, accordingly what is the percentage of my profit?

(A) 52(B) 50(C) 100/3

(D) 25

Answer – (D) 25

Q 67. If a person lost 8% by selling 1035 items, then for how much rupees did he buy that item?

(A) 1105(B) 1125(C) 1135

(D) 1152

Answer – (B) 1125

Q 68. Shyam lost 20% on selling a car for 64000, accordingly what was the cost price of that car?

(A) 76800(B) 80000(C) 84000

(D) 72000

Answer – (B) 80000

Q 69. If Rekha bought a scooter for 20000 and sold it for 22000, what percentage profit did Rekha make?

(A) 15%(B) 12%(C) 10%

(D) 20%

Answer – (C) 10%

Q 70. A shopkeeper bought 288 oranges for Rs 57.60. Of these, he sold 150 oranges at the rate of Rs 0.30 per orange and the remaining oranges for Rs 29.88. How much did he gain?

(A) 17.28(B) 24.32(C) 20.28

(D) 24

Answer – (A) 17.28

Q 71. An item is available for Rs 2.60 including overhead. If the overhead expenditure is 4%, then the purchase price of the item will be –

(A) 2.50(B) 2.704(C) 2.496

(D) 2.20

Answer – (A) 2.50

Q 72. A man buys some oranges for 12 rupees and as much as 8 rupees for the same rupee. If he mixes both types of oranges and sells them at Rs. 10, find his percentage profit / loss?

(A) 20% loss(B) 9% profit(C) 4% loss

(D) 8% profit

Answer – (C) 4% loss

Q 73. A shopkeeper sells his goods at the purchase price, but instead of 1 kg, uses 900 grams of watts, find his profit percentage?

(A) 9%(B) 10%(C) 11%

(D) 100/9%

Answer – (D) 100/9%

Q 74. A man buys an item for Rs 250 and sells it for Rs 300. Find the profit percentage of the person.

(A) 10%(B) 20%(C) 15%

(D) 5%

Answer – (B) 20%

Q 75. If a bicycle is bought for Rs 2500 and sold for Rs 2200, find the percentage of loss.

(A) 12%(B) 10%(C) 15%

(D) 8%

Answer – (A) 12%


Quantitative Questions on profit and loss with answers – 76 to 100+

Q 76. A person selling a watch in 1610 for a loss of 8%. To get a profit of 10%, how much rupees should the person sell that watch?

(A) Rs 1750(B) Rs 1800(C) Rs 1925

(D) 1900 Rs.

Answer – (C) 1925 Rs.

Q 77. Mohan buys an old scooter for Rs 5500 and spends Rs 1200 on its repair. If he sells the scooter for Rs 7200, what is his profit percentage?

(A) 8%(B) 10%(C) 6%

(D) 7.5%

Answer – (D) 7.5%

Q 78. Mohan buys an old scooter for Rs 5500 and spends Rs 1200 on its repair. If he sells the scooter for Rs. 5200, what is the percentage of his loss?

(A) 22%(B) 20%(C) 25%

(D) 18%

Answer – (A) 22%

Q 79. If the purchase price of an article is 90% of its selling price then what is the percentage of profit?

(A) 5.25%(B) 4.44%(C) 3.86%

(D) 11.11%

Answer – (D) 11.11%

Q 80. A seller buys some apples for Rs.15 for 10 apples and sells for Rs.10 for 8 apples. Find its profit or loss percentage.

(A) 16.67%(B) 15%(C) 20%

(D) 12.5%

Answer – (A) 16.67%

Q 81. A shopkeeper buys 50 kg of rice at the rate of Rs. 22 per kg and purchases 50 kg of rice and mixes it with the rice purchased at the rate of Rs. 28 per kg. At what rate should he sell the mixed rice to get a profit of 20%?

(A) Rs 30.8 / kg(B) Rs 32 / kg(C) Rs 34 / kg

(D) Rs 35 / kg

Answer – (A) Rs 30.8 / kg

Q 82. Monica buys a pressure cooker at that part of the selling price and sells it at 8 percent more than the selling price. What is her profit percentage?

(A) 15%(B) 10%(C) 20%

(D) 18%

Answer – (C) 20%

Q 83. A seller sells an item at a loss of 15%. If the selling price is increased by Rs 200 then there is a profit of 5%. What was the purchase price of the item?

(A) Rs. 1000(B) Rs. 1100(C) Rs. 900

(D) Rs. 1200

Answer – (A) Rs. 1000

Q 84. A radio is bought for RS. 780 and sold at RS. 650. Find the loss per cent.

(A) 10%(B) 8.5%(C) 16 + 2/3%

(D) 19.74%

Answer – (C) 16 + 2/3%

Q 85. A book is bought for RS. 80 an dsold at the gain of 5%. Find the selling price.

(A) RS. 84(B) RS. 67(C) RS. 99

(D) RS. 55

Answer – (A) RS. 84

Q 86. By selling a sheep for RS. 990, a man loses 10%. At what price should be sell to gain 10%?

(A) RS. 800(B) RS. 740(C) RS. 315

(D) RS. 1210

Answer – (D) RS. 1210

Q 87. A sells a watch to B at 15% gain B sells it to C at 20% gain and C sells it to D at a loss of 20%. D pays Rs. 2484 for it, then how much does A pay for it?

(A) RS. 2484(B) RS. 6507(C) RS. 2250

(D) RS. 1210

Answer – (C) RS. 2250

Q 88. A radio is listed at Rs. 500 with a discount of 10%. What additional discount must be offered to the customer to bring the net price to Rs. 423?

(A) 13%(B) 10%(C) 6%

(D) 15%

Answer – (C) 6%

Q 89. A man sold an article for Rs. 810, losing 10%. The cost price of the article is

(A) RS. 975(B) RS. 910(C) RS. 950

(D) RS. 900

Answer – (D) RS. 900

Q 90. By selling a watch for Rs. 840, a shopkeeper gets a profit of 20%. What is the cost price of the watch?

(A) RS. 640(B) RS. 700(C) RS. 680

(D) RS. 750

Answer – (B) RS. 700

Q 91. By selling a radio for Rs. 1440 a person gets a profit of 20%. The cost price of the article is

(A) RS. 1175(B) RS. 1225(C) RS. 1200

(D) RS. 1150

Answer – (C) RS. 1200

Q 92. A man buys 20 article for a rupee. How many articles for a rupee did he sell to get loss of 20%

(A) RS. 28(B) RS. 25(C) RS. 24

(D) RS. 21

Answer – (B) RS. 25

Q 93. A man buys two hens for Rs. 500 each. He sold on efor 15% profit and other for 5% loss. Find his profit percentage.

(A) RS. 5%(B) RS. 10%(C) RS. 15%

(D) RS. 12%

Answer – (A) RS. 5%

Q 94. A trader professes to sell his goods at cost price but he uses a false weight of 800 g for 1kg. Find his gain per cent.

(A) RS. 25%(B) RS. 21%(C) RS. 18%

(D) RS. 16%

Answer – (A) RS. 25%

Q 95. A cloth merchant professes to sell his material at a loss of 8%. But he measure 84 cm for a metre. Find his actual gain or loss per cent.

(A) 9 + 5/11 % gain(B) 9 + 11/21 % gain(C) 8 + 7/11 % loss

(D) 8 + 5/21 loss%

Answer – (B) RS. 9 + 11/21 % gain

Q 96. Ramesh buys 2 articles for Rs 600. He sells one of them at a profit of 22% and other at a loss of 8% and makes no profit or loss at the end. What is the cost price of the article he sold at a loss?

(A) RS. 400(B) RS. 420(C) RS. 440

(D) None of these

Answer – (C) RS. 440

Q 97. If cash discount is 10%, a book bought for Rs. 9 is valued at

(A) RS. 12(B) RS. 11(C) RS. 10

(D) RS. 8

Answer – (C) RS. 10

Q 98. What per cent selling price would be 34% of cost price, if gross profit is 26% of the selling price?

(A) RS. 25.16%(B) RS. 74.00%(C) RS. 17.16%

(D) RS. 88.40%

Q 99. The ratio of cost price and selling price of an article is 25 : 26. What is the profit per cent on it?

(A) RS. 5%(B) RS. 3%(C) RS. 4%

(D) RS. 8%

Answer – (C) RS. 4%

Q 100. Successive discount of 10% and 10% are equivalent to a single discount of

(A) RS. 19%(B) RS. 20%(C) RS. 21%

(D) RS. 18%

Answer – (A) RS. 19%

Q 101. A shopkeeper sells wheat at a profit of 10% and uses weights which are 20% less than the actual weight. The total gain earned by him will be

(A) RS. 30%(B) RS. 37.5%(C) RS. 42.5%

(D) None of these

Answer – (B) RS. 37.5%

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