10 most dangerous and deadly animals of the world

10 most dangerous and deadly animals of the world

There are many such dangerous creatures in the world, who can sleep with their poison in the blink of an eye, so some organisms have to face the disease first and then death. And some are immediately torn and eaten. People think that they are the same dangerous animals that live in the forest, but they are not so, let me meet you some such dangerous creatures who are soft in appearance but very deadly ..


Elephant is a giant living creature on the ground. He is among the world’s most dangerous animals. However elephants are vegetarian. Yet when it becomes aggressive, it destroys. Around 10,000 people around the world lose their lives each year due to encountering with elephants.


Crocodiles are more dangerous than they look. They are carnivorous and sometimes even prey on larger organisms than themselves, such as small hippopotamuses and wild buffalo. Saltwater crocodiles also hunt sharks.


Lion knows that lion is the king of the jungle. And there is a reason for it being king that they are very deadly. Two species of lion are found, one is the Asian lion and the other is the African lion. African lions are stronger and taller than Asian lions. Every year around the world, 12,000 to 15,000 people are victims of Shero and this is the case with most African countries, so African Shero is considered very dangerous.

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Jellyfish are a deadly animal found in the depths of the sea. The name jellyfish does not mean that it is a species of fish. Its body is somewhat box like, so it is called box jellyfish. It contains many species. One of its stings is enough for human death. Nomura jellyfish, its largest species, also overturn boats. However, its victims are only people visiting the sea.


Shark is a vertebrate living creature in seawater. Its body is very long which is covered with shells. It is a non-vegetarian animal. It is also called perfect killing machine. Its attack is very fast. Its mouth is not in front but downwards which has sharp teeth. In the blink of an eye, the victim is chewed.

Inland Taipan Snake 

This snake is the most poisonous snake found on the ground. Its one bite contains up to 100 milligrams of poison, which is not very much, but it is so deadly that 100 people can sleep to death. Their poison is 10 times more deadly than rattle snake and 50 times more deadly than cobra snake.


Dogs are also a deadly animal. Number of people killed every year is around 25,000. Rabies is a viral infection that can spread from many animals. In humans it is mostly spread by dog ​​bites. The symptoms of rabies do not show up for months but when they appear, the disease is almost fatal.


The number of people killed due to mosquito every year is about 7,25,000. Malaria caused by mosquitoes alone can kill six lakh people annually. Dangerous diseases like dengue fever, yellow fever and encephalitis are also spread by mosquitoes. Therefore, it is kept in the list of deadly creatures of the world.


The Human, who are more dangerous than animals in evil are also included in this dangerous list. After all, humans find so many incredible ways to kill each other. And there is no country in the world where humans are not killed by humans.

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